Monday, June 22, 2009

When I think of Radio Nepal, I think about RJing!!

From last seven years my day starts with the national anthem at five which I listen when my grand parents switch on to Radio Nepal early in the morning to listen Bhajans( Except in case of loadshedding)! Sometimes I get irritated but its interesting some other time to listen to ‘Prawachans’. I remember myself listening to Balkaryakram at the age of 8 which used to ( I think it is still running…) get broadcasted from Radio Nepal and there was a section where Bal Samachar was aired in voice of kids like us. I quarreled with my parents to take me there as I was really interested in listening my own voice in radio!
With the flow of time, childhood interests were gone and even my desire of listening myself. But then when I reached the premises of Radio Nepal some days back, I was tempted to listen my voice in recording room. As soon as we passes through the corridors of Radio Nepal and entered in recording room, few of my friends were already speaking through microphone in such a professional manner that I didn’t dare go around them again! Then I consoled myself saying that I would fail in voice testing anyways. I was taking pictures of Radio Nepal premises and also of my friends after which Alina took my picture in front of recording room where the red light of ‘ON AIR’ was still on. After returning back from the trip, I kept the same picture of Radio Nepal as my profile picture in Facebook and many people actually thought I was a RJ!! It was already burning my desire of being RJ and now, after the completion of media project under the supervision of Mr. Stan Brand and his comment on my recordable voice(His line- “You have got really nice and professional voice for recording and RJing” ) I can’t stop thinking about RJing!
Though I am not sure to pass the voice testing of Radio Nepal!

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nirmala mani adhikary said...

Finally, you did it. Its OK.
I hope your are preparing yourself for the final exam.