Wednesday, December 21, 2011

And I miss Everything !!

Mornings are no more 'good'
neither the wishes nor blown kisses;
And my days has no colour and it just fades
they surely are bright but burns my eyes;
I do wait but there are no good nights
And I miss our talks and stupid fights!

And I miss everthing
you being clown and my smile
me totally frown and your pleading smile.
Damn! I do miss everything for how long I don't know
And I miss you all day long and wish you missed me so!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A random thought.... if i cud fly!!

Deep in my thoughts
I fly
high high..up in the sky
over the clouds...I fly!

over the lush green fields
I feel the dew drops
above it I see clear blue sky
again I run and then I fly...high high!

over rainbow I take a walk
amidst the cloud I take a nap
wings of peacock I borrow
though it just shows...but deep in my thought i fly
high high...up in the sky!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Lost somewhere between heart and mind
I try to leave my past behind
Looking forward for the brighter days
I sit alone and start to gaze...

Cottony cloud dispersed in the sky
says the story of me and thy
somewhere out there even you are staring at it
they take us to past we try to omit.

I trust you and the future you dreamed
have faith in love omnipresent
But I am scared....dreams do not last
same in the case of these floating clouds,
and it vanishes just like that!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Chobhar: Aadinath Video and Image :)

Far from the busy and noisy environment of Kathmandu lies the Chobhar Hill. This place has easy and comfortable access from the city centre which is also one of the nearest tourist destinations. There is a myth that long time back when Kathmandu valley was filled with water and was a lake, Manjushree made the outlet for water by hitting on the hill with his sword and started the human settlement. On the same place a parK has been established with the name of Manjushree. Many people visit the park with their near and dear ones during holidays. Near to the park lies Jalabinayak Temple which is considered the oldest among the four Ganesha of Kathmandu valley. Except for these two, there is a temple of Aadinath at the top of the Chobhar hill which is respected by both Hindus and Buddhists.