Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Female Education: A First Step to Women Empowerment

The education and empowerment of women throughout the world cannot fail to result in a more caring, tolerant, just and peaceful women...
In this famous saying the two terms education and empowerment are used as if they are inter-related. While illuminating their interrelation, the capacity developed by encouraging women in such a way that they can influence the decisions in political, economic, social and cultural sector is women empowerment. To make influence in those decisions, they should be logically correct and active. For that purpose there should be proper knowledge, power and willingness to do any short of works. To have proper knowledge, one should be educated, well trained and have proper experience of various works. A person should get full support and freedom from the family as well as the family should be able to afford the expenses required for proper education to get the power. Similarly, until and unless a person is conceptually clear and well educated, s/he may not have willingness to work due to the lack of idea. So, at last all these three influencing factors, knowledge, power and willingness to do work are related with the education.
Female education means not only providing the formal education for the females but it even comprehend to provide proper guidance, knowledge and skills as well. First of all, Education itself is the fuel to self-determination and confidence to live life the fullest. It provides the proper concepts, logics or ideas about various subject matters. Now, while talking about female education it really is one of the influencing factor in making the self-dependent livelihood and respectful place for women in society. Most of the female in our country are dominated and are backward because they are not educated. If the society is educated, there won’t be any discrimination on the basis of caste and gender. If a woman is educated and well trained she can get lot of job opportunity, can get well-paid job and get well family while marrying as well. Her decisions will also be given place in the family and society also. That’s why for empowering women female education is the major necessity.
Now, It can be said, W for wise, O for optimistic, M for matured, E for empowered and N noble. No it's not definition of women but can be the future of women and it's for sure that education is the right path toward that bright sunshine future. As education gives positive ideas, is leaded with experience and trainings and teaches humbleness too, those words to define women come to be true if they are given education. Especially in the developing country like ours, gender discrimination prevails in most of the places. That’s why, because of poverty, lack of infrastructure as well; women are not getting the proper education facility. But now as the pace of development is faster than before, we can hope for the better future. Infrastructure development will result to the better education and that education will make women’s future as sure as their full forms. This way, the day isn’t too far when this saying will be the reality and practiced all over.

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